Personalized Pop Up Tent for Various Events

Custom pop up Tents is keen on providing the best pop up canopy tents for various events like festivals, fairs, parties, convention events, weddings, etc. our custom printed tents are available in various sizes like 10X10, 10X15, 10X20, 20X20. You can choose from these sizes according to your brand promotional needs. Starting from a range of compact 10X10 canopy tents to a larger 20X20 tents, we have you covered for all your size requirements.

  • Our canopy tents are available in three different styles:
  • Custom Printed Canopy Tent
  • Inflatable Custom Tents
  • Star Tents

If you are looking to make a striking display for your trade show event, then we have the perfect solution for that. You can choose from a variety of accessories like, roll up banners, custom flags, awnings, and walls. Create your own custom tent for your branding.

Extremely easy to set up your customizable pop up tent

Custom Tent USA ensures the structure of the tent and the safety by using the superior steel and aluminum frame for the best support to the canopy and also keeping your attendees safe underneath the tent. No matter what situation it will be, whether there will be only one person to set up the exhibition tent, our pop up tent can easily be set up in minutes. No tools are required to set the tent and it can be brought down easily as it collapses and folds into one entity. Our foldable instant canopy tent is a one-man solution to your trade show needs.

Scratch and UV-resistant custom canopy advertising tent

All the custom pop up tents offered by Custom Tent USA are UV resistant and water-retardant. No matter how heavy the rain is it will keep the promotion underneath the tent dry. Keeping in view that lots of these canopy tents are used in events such as cooking or baking, the fabric of the tent is made to withstand the immense heat from the inside and the outside. It will provide your customer’s shade and shelter under the sun and can be used in cooking events also as it is fire-retardant.

Customizing Your Pop Up Canopy Tent for Exhibitions

Custom Tent USA offer a wide variety of customizations for the custom pop up tents. You can enhance the visibility of your trade show tent by adding up the accessories and hardware from us and will increase the branding space as well. You can choose the perfect type of tent from us as per your branding needs. We will provide you the highest quality of the frame to support your tent even in the harsh weather. Get your tent recognized well in the eyes of the attendees and the viewers with our flags, banners, table covers, director chair, etc.

Commercial Pop Up Tent with Unlimited Graphic Walls

Walls are great in terms of increasing the visibility space of the branding and the products. Our tents come with packages that include different kinds of wall options. You can add full walls for your tent with unlimited color printing on both sides. These can be purchased as half walls also, for other kinds of conventional events. You can use a single wall for promotions that will showcase your brand logo in the backdrop. Walls can be used to create an enclosure around your promo and you can carry out transactions, games and can interact with the customers without getting distracted from the crowd.

Customized tents for every occasion and event

Our custom tents can be used in outdoor or indoor events. Our tent is extremely portable and lightweight, you can carry it easily and set in any place you desire. These are used in various events like: New/Used Car Sales, Sports Teams – Football, Baseball, Soccer Tents & More, Clubs & Organizations, Auto Parts & Repair, Catering Companies, Radio Stations, Travel Agencies, Local, State & Federal Agencies, Cell Phone Companies, Sports and Custom Outdoor Canopies, Military Recruiters. You can use your tailgate tents for occasions like an outdoor family lunch or outdoor party and can create elegant spaces to sit and eat.

Maintenance of your custom canopy tent

It is extremely easy to maintain the canopy tent. All of this is collapsible and can be folded into a small entity. For better protection of the fabric, you should detach the fabric from the frame and keep in the case and carrying case of the tent as the fabric of the tent is wrinkle-free. This will keep them safe and dust free for most of the time until your next promotion. Using a damp cloth will clean all the debris and the dust from the fabric.

Custom design service from Custom Tent USA

Having a custom design for your branding of the business is one of the most important elements to create an image in front of the attendees at the trade shows. We are also providing custom design services; we will provide you with the designers to create a custom design and artwork according to the brand and the product. This will create a splash in the customer’s eye with our ez up custom printed tents.

Graphic Replacement of the custom printed tents

Looking for a graphics replacement for your existing tent? We have got you covered. We are providing customers with our graphics replacement. You can choose the graphics according to your needs. Now you can have multiple graphics for the different promotional events. No need to worry about purchasing the whole tent again. You can also upgrade to a premium heavy-duty frame for your existing tent.

Got questions for our custom pop up tent?

If you have questions related to our custom tents then contact us or Live Chat with one of our representatives.